Horse ownership of the future

Asap KB
- horse ownership of the future!

VAT-free and user-friendly ownership for all horses, trainers & horse owners!

We provide VAT-free admin services for (partial/full) ownership of racing and breeding horses, combined with a secure legal model via so-called Limited Partnerships.

There is no easier way to own your horses, or shares in horses, than as a partner in a larger limited partnership.

We have been operating since 2020 and have the entire digital and legal machine "stress tested" and market ready.

All handling for the owners/part-owners will be VAT-free, but otherwise all deduction rights remain as with normal company ownership.

It will be extra beneficial for private individuals because you don't need any other tool for your ownership! But it works just as well to own the shares via all types of Swedish company forms (except in some cases with so-called sole proprietorships).

It is Asap KB that takes care of everything for its partners, You as a customer do not even have to pay the VAT, but all that handling is handled by the limited partnership.

Our concept is suitable for all types of cooperative horses, regardless of whether it concerns trotting horses or galloping horses.

Welcome to the future of horse ownership!

Kasta inte pärlor åt svinen.